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Prada men's show spring 2009 © Fashion Wire Daily 

In a rare case of non-favorable or it could even be said non-complacent reporting on a perfume launch party, columnist Godfrey Deeny from the Fashion Wire Daily critiques both the organization of the launch for the upcoming Prada Infusion d'Homme which took place in Milan on June 22, 2008 and the lack of innovation seen in the fashion show that was presented instead of the anticipated collective sniffing.

"Few things are more painful than watching a major luxury label get things badly wrong, which was very much the dismaying case Sunday night in Milan when Prada decided to launch its latest men's cologne and made it tricky for most guests to actually smell the very product......

"Instead, the Italian brand staged a runway show unveiling its spring 2009 men's collection and then projected a series of nine short experimental movies whose brief was "to challenge the idea of a perfume for a man; to produce visionary content" inspired by "sensory association of the Infusion d'Homme perfume."

Largely pretentious visual ramblings by avant-garde cineastes, shown in semi darkness to around 500 people, these mini clips featured everything from verbal ramblings to images of a monkey awaking as it senses a new smell."...

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