Cartier Déclaration Fêtes Its 10th Anniversary with Special Edition {Fragrance News}


Déclaration, composed by perfumer Jean Claude Ellena, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a luxurious new casing made out of leather sewn with white stitches. It makes sense for perfume brands to celebrate such anniversaries because a perfume that lasts is bound to have some qualities and it also functions as publicity for collectors and new wearers.

Déclaration is one of Cartier's best-sellers and can easily be worn by women as well thanks to its unisex leaning. It is fresh, spicy, yet also warm.

Ellena was inspired by the idea of translating Russian tea into a fragrance although to our nose, it smells more like Indian or Kashmiri cardamom chai......


But you know what? When we were in Srinagar and looking at the rows of silver birches, we kept thinking how it felt like Russia.

Notes are: birch, bergamot, bitter orange, juniper, mugwort, cardamom, cedar, vetiver, oakmoss.

Read our review of the scent. An excellent choice for Father's Day by the way with or without the leather casing!

Via Jet Avenue

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