Images of Yves Saint Laurent's Funeral

The funeral took place at the Saint-Roch church in Paris, starting at 3: 30 pm


The nearby streets were filled with people .....

Pierre Bergé the long-time partner and more recently legally "wed" ("pacsed") to Yves Saint Laurent 
Yves Saint Laurent's mother who is 94. 
Catherine Deneuve, a long-time friend of YSL, carrying a bunch of green wheat, a symbol of the Saint Laurent family. 


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  1. i also saw some other pictures of the funeral today on the website of a German daily and they made me sad (no funeral is happy i guess, but still), especially c. Deneuve looks really saddened. also, i did not know that he and Berge were 50 years together! amazing. he will be missed, such a shame he had to die the way he did, i know what i'm talking about.
    hope his legacy will inspire many to come :)

  2. It is always sad to see unique personalities like Yves Saint Laurent pass away.

    It is also a bit trist to realize that in his life, YSL was not able to easily experience joy of living and that the creative process was always such a cause of suffering for him. One is tempted to think that he would have probably fared better in a form of art that allows for more solitude than fashion design. But that's what he loved to do.


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