What Fragrance for What Kind of Man? {Perfume List}


Looking for fragrance gift ideas for Father's Day? Here is a cool list, courtesy of Guillaume Crouzet from L'Express Styles. Even if you do not read French, you can still get the meaning of this style-exercise by looking at the pictures on the right. So what should the Adventurer, the Trendy Man, and the Romantic-at-heart wear?

By the way, we loved the latest Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! I think it's the most sophisticated film in the series and I never laughed so much watching an Indiana Jones....

You can tell that the franchise has had time to mature and this shows in particular in the heightened sense of humor and higher level of detached meta references.

The film starts with a big bang, speeds on recklessly, slows down a little just before the end, and you get another near-apocalyptic big bang again at the end with a nice family picture to boot! Harrison Ford is mac daddical and Shia Labeouf works. (Cate Blanchett was professional but lacked a bit of inspiration.)

What fragrance do you think Harrison Ford as Dr. Jones would wear even though you might suspect he doesn't give a damn?  Off the top of my head, I would say a leather perfume.


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