Kate Moss Velvet Hour (2008) {New Perfume} {New Fragrance Ad} {Trend Alert}



Supermodel Kate Moss, who unbelievably looks like she is only 16 on some of her recent magazine ads, but looked more human in Berlin on June 13 in Berlin, i.e., 34, just went there to launch her newest and second scent titled Velvet Hour.

The ad campaign is shot by Mert & Marcus and features a feline Kate Moss luxuriating in a scintillating deep blue lamé dress while her new perfume looks like a smoking gun of seduction. The tag line reads "Embrace The Night" and sounds like a more sophisticated perfume than her debut one, Kate Moss.....


Now, about that blue color. Kate Moss is known for having 2 perfume loves: Guerlain L'Heure Bleue and Penhaligon's Bluebell...do you see a common theme here? It looks like the new Velvet Hour is inspired by the personal history of Kate's tastes while conveniently drawing on the visual impact of Dior Midnight Poison ads.

L'Heure Bleue means "the blue hour" and refers to dusk.

Also, trend alert: the glamor trend is becoming more and more conspicuous with launches such as Lancôme Magnifique and Azzaro Azzaro Couture. Girly is out and people are trying to revive the mystique of perfume as mediated by beautiful women showcased at their most alluring.

We will follow up on this news when we have more information. 

Image taken by Faith Akiyama on the Fashion Spot 

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  1. I was wondering when they would tie in L'Heure Bleue with her perfume launches. Btw, she's also known for her love of Kiehl's Musk, a perfume of a very different theme and scent style than L'Heure Bleue or Bluebell. It seems to me they're trying to peg her as the blue-blooded icon even with her first launch, the rosy Kate. As for girly being out, she's always gamine to me--forever young.

  2. I'd say that Kiehl's Musk and Penhaligon's Bluebell have a pronounced musky character in common. Bluebell starts innocent and ends up naughty.

    "girly is out" was said in jest, of course. It's more a statement about a perceived return of classical glamor in perfume advertising.

  3. I know it was in jest--:-) I just thought it was ironic to use the It Girl for a "mature (sexy) perfume" ad campaign. The bottle looks like Casmir-meets-Curious.

    I think you're right about Bluebell being musky like Kiehl's Musk, as I find Bluebell to be very animalic--for me, unwearably so.

  4. Lol, Casmir-meets-Curious, excellent! And so true, judging from the picture that is.

  5. "Girly is out and people are trying to revive the mystique of perfume as mediated by beautiful women showcased at their most alluring."

    Oh, finally! Thank goodness for that! I am so sick and tired of girly, fatuous perfumes (Aquolina's ghastly Pink Sugar comes to mind). I always associated perfume with sophistication, mystery, seduction, class, wealth (why not?), and beautiful ladies of doubtful reputation. This obsession with eternal youth is so tedious. Thank you, Kate! Or whoever is responsible for bringing allure and seduction back into perfume.


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