•• Upcoming Major Feminine Launch for Guerlain •• {Fragrance News}


The new in-house perfumer for Guerlain, Thierry Wasser, explains to L'Express that as Guerlain launches on average 20 perfumes a year, that "one can't do everything". The next major Guerlain feminine launch will thus be the fruit of his collaboration with Annick Menardo, an ex co-author of fragrances. She also created Bois d'Arménie for Guerlain.....


Wasser sees a challenge in finding a new modern version for the famous Guerlinade, the durable base that anchors the classic Guerlain fragrances, that would be as compelling as the historical version.

There is also a nice gallery of Guerlain ads -- the article summarizes what is already known about the house of Guerlain. 

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