Voluspa Apricot Nectar in the Mika Room & Body Spray Collection (2008) {Perfume Review} {Perfumista on a Shoestring}



Voluspa has put out a collection of four fragrances that can be used both as room sprays and body sprays in a collection titled Mika Room and Body Spray (not listed on their site). It features Apricot Nectar, Tart Rhubarb, Thyme Flower, and Tunisian Blood Orange, which are also available as scented candles.

The line is carried by Anthropologie which commissioned the bottle design so that it be in tune with their universe straddling the worlds of grunge/shabby chic/Paris appartment/retro charm and more. The glass spray flacons are covered with a mono-colored baroque floral pattern and the cap is made of white ceramic; they actually look better in person than on the pictures they provide......

Of the four scents proposed, and as a result of a rapid olfactory reconnaissance mission, we only really felt like spraying on the Apricot Nectar and second, the Thyme Flower. Tart Rhubarb and Tunisian Blood Orange seemed to lean more in the direction of room sprays, that is, they felt a little too monolithic and on the over-simplistic side. Thyme Flower ended up feeling also more like a room spray as well on skin. But Apricot Nectar is a nice little simple, very laid-back perfume bespeaking of an apricot tree orchard and offering a pleasant summery feel.

And for the Perfumista on a Shoestring, at $18, it can also be used as a cheaper version of Côté Bastide Pêche de Vigne (Peach Floral Water) which retails $44 for 250 ml (available at Beauty Habit). One is an apricot perfume and the other a peach one, but they share enough affinities to be comparable.

Apricot Nectar is a charming little thing; it smells of mellow ripe apricots with a dash of green (lemon balm) and ends in a sensation of apricots steeped in vanilla cream but it remains light. It is the equivalent of an apricot compote drizzled with cream and eaten with a little spoon on a fine day of summer in the garden of your countryside house. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  1. What a good find! I happen to love the Rhubarb (because I love anything related to rhubarb, and rarely find it as a note in fragrance), but I agree with you that it is more of a room spray, especially since it dries down to something vaguely akin to incense. I will have to try the apricot the next time I am at anthropologie.

  2. I can appreciate its real simple summery quality. In fact, I'd prefer to use it as a I-let-my-hair-down skin scent than as a room spray.

  3. Having trouble finding Tunisia Blood spray. Will order immediately if you carry it....Thanks! Beth

    beth mydill

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