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The house of Azzaro has announced two days ago that they will re-introduce in October of 2008 an adapted version of Azzaro Couture which was originally launched in 1974-1975 as a fruity chypre in the lineage of Guerlain Mitsouko. While other brands like Guerlain and Yves Saint Laurent are trying to reach out to a younger female consumer base Azzaro, who has put out a number of more juvenile, less formal scents in the past few years, is tapping into its glamorous heritage for this new perfume meant to be worn like a night gown.

Turning to young perfumer Aurélien Guichard of Givaudan, who is fast becoming an expert in modernized adaptations of vintage fragrances (see Robert Piguet Baghari and Visa), they asked him to do a respectful reformulation of the perfume all the while preserving the Loris Azzaro signature; artistic director Vanessa Seward, who collaborated on the project, said that it was on of the couturier's favorite fragrances. Said Seward,

"Azzaro Couture was very important for Loris,” she confirmed. “It was one of his favourite perfumes…and he often talked to me about it. He wanted to tailor it to today’s tastes. I decided to approach this classic with respect for the roots of the name and its Couture tradition…as an homage to him.".....

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The new version of Azzaro Couture is said to offer a slightly lighter body, with increased floralcy, and a purer, more linear formulation, doing away with the aldehydic opening. Said Guichard, “The new, more linear Azzaro Couture has gained a supple, iridescent, luminous and contemporary side.” The jus is also comprised of five different absolutes - mimosa, may rose, iris, ambrette seed, and galbanum - which is considered a rarity today.

The packaging is a reference to the signature Azzaro three-ring dress. It is now white instead of the original black.

In an effort to be in tune with l'air du temps, the advertising for the fragrance is fronted by celebrity Jemima Khan

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  1. Hello girls overseas,
    I'm so happy to find again Couture of Azzaro, it's my first perfum I was 15'years old, now I'm 47 years old. Unfortunatly, It's a little expensive. I will go to Sephora to have an idea about its fragance and check if it's the same as the original. Have a nice journey to all,


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