Aveda Ancient Attar Pure-Fume Spirit Aroma (2008) {New Fragrance}

Aveda-Ancient-Attar.jpgAveda will launch a new signature perfume in November 2008 to celebrate its 30th anniversary called Ancient Attar Pure-Fume Spirit Aroma Spray. The scent takes its roots in the multi-secular tradition of South Asian perfumery while offering a contribution to the renascent field of natural perfumery, the latter a fact to be noted especially as coming from a global brand,

"Inspired by the ancient art of Indian attar perfumes, Ancient Attar is created with 100% botanical essential oils, including traditional attar ingredients, rose and sandalwood, creating a modern, feminine aroma."

The perfume was created by in-house chief perfumer Ko-Ichi Shiozawa...

More details from the press release,

"Ancient Attar has a rich and delicate rosy note infused with the freshness of neroli oil. The fragrance is infused with high quality essential oils sustainably sourced from the Company's longstanding partnerships with farmers and indigenous peoples across the globe, including:

Certified Organic Rose Oil, a deeply floral aroma with woodsy and sweet undertones to relax and center the mind and spirit. Aveda�s certified organic rose oil has been harvested from the Enio Bonchev distillery in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. Situated in the aptly-named Valley of Roses, the organic roses are infused with the spices of nearby cinnamon trees, whose flavors seep into the soil after rain showers, giving the roses a unique richness and fragrance. Run by three generations of the family, the Enio Bonchev distillery harvests using biodynamic methods and original copper stills from 1909 to steam distill organic rose oil. Aveda's partnership helps support the Enio Bonchev distillery, allowing it to employ the local Roma people and to continue environmentally responsible framing practices.

Sandalwood Oil, a soft, sweet, woodsy, balsamic aroma that enhances meditation. Aveda's quest for the Earth's purest, finest organic sandalwood oil that can be traceably sourced brought the Company to indigenous communities in Western Australia. For the indigenous Mardu peoples, the harvesting of sandalwood provides a sustainable economic base for its people, while assuring responsible sourcing and harvesting practices for Aveda. As partners with Aveda, indigenous communities receive fair payment for their sandalwood harvest�creating a business where all parties benefit.

Certified Organic Rose Geranium Oil a floral aroma with rose undertones that soothes tension and uplifts the mind and spirit. Aveda collaborates with 30 organic farms throughout South Africa for its certified organic rose geranium oil. The partnership allows local families to return to their villages and farms from big cities, and is an important first step to reclaiming their land and their livelihood.

Neroli Oil, a sweet, refreshing floral aroma to soothe tension and uplift the mind and spirit.

Apply Ancient Attar� Pure-fume Spirit to pulse points or anywhere on body. Lasts all day.

$70, 30ml / 1.0 oz

Via World Press Online

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