Dianne Brill Eau de Parfum (2008): "Slip It On!" {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}

Dianne-Brill-3.jpgDianne Brill Cosmetics will launch their debut signature fragrance called Dianne Brill Eau de Parfum on September 15, 2008. Model Dianne Brill who has worked for designers Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood, has been dubbed the "Queen of the Night", the "New Mae West" and a "Feminist Feme Fatale". As her seduction tips on the brand's website suggest, she could also easily be called the "Highest Priestess of Love" and the "Mistress of Kisses".

Just like the author of Boobs, Boys & High Heels ­ or How to get Dressed in Just Under Six Hours seems to be bursting with personality, her fragrance is no wallflower and presents itself differently.

The new scent is said to be first and foremost about feeling,

 "Dianne Brill's Perfume is the essence of Ms. Brill's philosophy which is to deliver a feeling. The feeling you get when you open a present of lingerie, jewelry or exquisite bonbons. That feeling."

It also embodies a pet sensual sensation of Brill's, that of the slip gliding on the skin, which she also loves to recreate with her line of Lip Lingerie, i.e., lipsticks. For these reasons, no information on the notes is extended per se yet specific feelings developed by the perfume are described, in three stages. The perfume was developed over the course of 8 years and was composed by perfumer Valérie Garnuch-Mentzel of Drom International Fragrances...
From the press release,

"Ms. Brill says: "Instead of giving you a list of the many precious ingredients in this fragrance,
I would like to offer you a moment to FEEL THE SCENT."
Feel the scent throughout the day and into the night.  
At the top note... The first feeling you have when you slip it on...
... is the feeling you get when you are standing on a balcony, looking over an orange and
purple sunset near the water. In this perfect moment you feel fulfilled.
  Fruit, flowers and a swirling warm cool breeze
As the fragrance evolves, in its heart, as the scent heats up on your skin...
...you feel the vibration. Tonight is your night, you are the center of the attention, you are
the pulse of tonight.
Hot spices, warm nutty woods and fire
Over time, as the scent has heated up, cooled down, and melted into your own essence, the
lucky ones that can get close enough to you to FEEL your scent, inhale deeply your warm
signature scent... the echo of you. 
 Timeless classic "

The Eau de Parfum is priced at $96 for 1.7 fl oz. and will be available at Beauty Habit and Michael Angelo's Wonderland in New York City.

And of course, stay tuned for our upcoming review!

Via Dianne Brill Cosmetics press release

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