A Luxury Perfumery Is A First In Romania {Fragrance News}

La Maison des Parfums in Bucharest - don't you love the fact that you have room to breathe and contemplate the bottles with a sense of perspective instead of being hit on the head by an army of perfumes?

Romania just saw reportedly the opening of its first luxury perfume store in history. It is located in central Bucharest in a villa and was baptized with a French name, Maison Des Parfums (The House of Perfumes).

"Luxury" in this case means very expensive and niche and is not used with the same meaning as in the West where it is commonly applied to department-store fragrances. The offerings there are exclusively "niche" as we learn that for Romanian consumers, to manage to stand out from a crowd with scent is an essential and much sought-after quality. Romanians apparently are not just content with smelling good but would rather smell interesting and unique, and price is no object too making them ideal consumers for this sector of perfumery...

"Elysee Concept on Thursday, September 4, opened Masion des Parfume, the Perfume House, in a central villa in Bucharest City, the first luxury perfume store in Romania, on an initial investment of 500,000 euros. The store will sell more than 30 perfume brands. All the perfume ingredients to be used in this concept store are natural. The most expensive, priced at 3,500 euros, is part of the MDCI Parfums collection. (...)

"Elysee Concept will import to Romania references in the perfume making art, including the most exclusive names of the world that even Western buyers cannot afford," Elysee Concept manager and owner Cristina Balan told the press. (...)

According to her, the type of customers the company wants to attract is not limited to people on above-the -average incomes, because consumer habits in Romania are different than in other markets. "The traditional consumer pyramid is not applicable in Romania. People on incomes above the average are not automatically customers of luxury perfume stores and vice versa."

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