Parfumerie Générale Felanilla, Drama Nuuï (2008) {New Fragrances}

Felanilla-Drama-Nuuï-Parfumerie-Generale.jpgThe niche house of Parfumerie Générale, headed by independent perfumer Pierre Guillaume, will add two new compositions to their already substantial catalog this fall in September-October 2008.

The new duo of perfumes is called Felanilla, numbered PG 21, and Drama Nuuï, coded PG 23...
Felanilla is described as a soft spicy oriental with notes of Saffron, Absolute of Tahitian Vanilla, Absolute of Italian Iris, Absolute of Hay, Banana Wood and Amber.

Drama Nuuï is presented as a composition centering on jasmine and wormwood, a contemporary "Bitter Jasminade" based on Absinthe, Woods and Spices...

PG21 & PG23 will be made available in the retail circuit on October 21/23 2008, and sooner, at the end of September, on their online boutique.

Via Parfumerie Générale press release

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  1. Oh! I am happy!!! I'm a big fan of Bois Blond and L'Ombre Fauve...will be ready with open arms when these are available to try.


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