Stephen Jones Launches Fragrance At Dover Street Market {Scented (Party) Images}

Stephen Jones in black regalia to match his inkwell of a perfume flacon

Milliner Stephen Jones who described his first signature scent as being "... a violet that's been hit by a meteorite," resting on both an "innocent" and "otherworldly" interpretation of the delicate floral scent, just launched his fragrance at Dover Street Market in London. Adrian Joffe, president and managing director of Comme des Garçons insisted that he and perfumer Antoine Maisondieu were only there to second the milliner in giving birth to his dream perfume "The idea for us it to produce, not create. We wouldn't want to do a perfume with someone if they didn't have a creative spirit,"

On a side fashion note, Stephen Jones is the designer behind the hats for the upcoming biopic about Chanel, Coco Avant Chanel.

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   Stephen Jones and Adrian Joffe of Comme des Garçons

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