Stephen Jones Pulls Signature Perfume Out of His Hat (2008) {New Fragrance}



As previously announced, British milliner Stephen Jones has recently turned his interests to perfume. The result is now visible. The new signature perfume called Stephen Jones developed with avant-garde brand Comme des Garçons will launch in September 2008.

The new perfume promises to mix tradition and modernity the way Jones describes it: "It's a violet that's been hit by a meteorite," and it includes a "synthesized cyber aldehyde."....

Further, "There's something innocent and romantic and otherworldly, as well."

Stephen Jones was created by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu of Givaudan. It has notes of "clove, carnation, rose, jasmine, heliotrope, gaiac wood, magma, black cumin, vetiver and amber." 

The bottle is inspired by a late 19th century inkwell; the gros grain ribbon, the "merry widow" netting, and the hat box containing the perfume flacon are there to remind you that Jones is a milliner first and foremost.

"Six thousand 55-ml. bottles of the fragrance, which will retail for 75 pounds, or $146, will be produced initially and sold in about 500 doors internationally."

See also Rolling Out The Scented Red Carpet for more details on celebs' scents by niche perfume brands. 

Via WWD 

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