Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame (2008): More Deets {New Perfume}


WWD is also announcing today the new perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier and we get further details about why it's called "Ma Dame" and not "Madame". Says, the fashion designer himself,

"The name Ma Dame is like a little French joke," he explained. "A 'madame' can be a woman of a bordello, and 'madame' can also mean someone bourgeois. Even in terms of dressing, 'to dress like a madame' in French is boring, super politically correct. But 'ma' 'dame' in two words means 'my dame.' It means she's not like the woman in the bordello or bourgeois. She's his muse."

We also learn that Ma Dame's pragmatic mission is to make a dent in the fresh-fragrance market.... 


The fresh trend that was very ozonic and aquatic in the 1990s has resurfaced more recently in a broader guise. To the point where we thought here on The Scented Salamander that we should devote some time to analyzing the genre in historical perspective. Well we did put up a category but haven't filled it yet.

So meanwhile, this is why fresh is interesting to JPG,

Jean Paul Gaultier: "I wanted something that was fresh, not so voluptuous. I wanted some electricity."

"We know there is a big opportunity, a big trend on the market toward fresh notes," said Polette-Danet, "and it's true the brand was totally absent from this market of freshness, both in men and in women."

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