Winner of the 2008 Vogue & Fragrance Foundation Film Festival {Fragrance News}


"An Evening with Gucci" directed by Ryan Bennett is the 2008 winner of the 1st annual Vogue and Fragrance Foundation Film Festival contest. TSS previously reported on the new festival here.

"In honor of this years’ FIFI®Awards, filmmakers nationwide were called upon to submit short films that expressed their love of fragrance, fashion and film. We had a great response with a total of 34 short films!".....

There were 9 runners up:

“Sensual. Iconic. Fascinating” for Gucci by Gucci
“Bloom” for Gucci by Gucci
“Aromatic Fantasy” for Paris Hilton Can Can
“Infatuation” for Paris Hilton Can Can
“Would Paris Ask Permission” for Paris Hilton Can Can
“Life is Beautiful” for Missoni Aqua
“That’s Amore” for Missoni Aqua
“The Magic of Confidence” for Usher for Men
“City Energy” for Usher for Women

All films can be viewed on Vogue.TV by visiting 

Via Vogue press release 

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