Nasomatto China White or the Heroin Chic Style (2008) {New Fragrance}



Independent perfumer and owner of niche brand Nasomatto, Alessandro Gualtieri, has come up with a new scent called China White in reference to a type of heroin that was popular in the 1980s. There is also a Chinese crackled ceramic reference as the cap is made of white ceramic.

Gualtieri is also contributing this season to a new exclusively distributed set of perfumes by Morgane Le Fay.....

China White is described as a powdery perfume with a floral facet by Luckyscent. It is an extrait de parfum, the highest concentration available for a perfume. The Nasomatto line is a throw-back to heady, strong perfumes and apparently the new one is even more typical of this aesthetic.

No notes are given but ideas are outlined: the fragrance is "a quest to reveal the strength of fragility". It applies the concept of "overdosing".

It is available, 30 ml for $148 and $5 for a 1/32 oz sample, at Luckyscent.

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