Morgane Le Fay Fragranza Blu, Verde, Rosa, Gialla (2008): 4 Scents for 4 Types of Women + Poll {New Fragrances}


Collectors of rare perfumes can rejoice. Morgane Le Fay is preparing to launch four perfumes in June of 2008 which will be limited to 1000 copies, only distributed through 150 doors internationally including 25 in Italy. They are called simply Fragranza Blu, Verde, Rosa, Gialla. Fragranza Blu is apparently distinct from the perfume known as Blue which is already part of the fashion brand's permanent collection of fragrances together with Morgane Le Fay Classic, although the official descriptions of the notes includes common ingredients.

The perfumes have been colored with food-grade coloring so as to color-code them. The scents Blu and Rosa were created by perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri who is also the owner and nose for Nasomatto. The green and yellow perfumes were composed by nose Nathalie Cetto....


The scents are touted as being artisan-style, made by hand utilizing the finest quality of ingredients and worked upon in detail at a custom-made level. If you do not know which perfume to choose, you are helped by a character-trait portrait of a type of woman associated with her own scent.

Fragranza Blu is for the woman whose temperament is characterized by calm and balance. It features notes of white jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, pink peppercorn, galbanum, muguet, incense, sandalwood. 

Fragranza Verde is for the woman who is strong and decisive, capable of dominating her own opinions. It includes intense notes of cucumber, coconut toddy, sweet apple, frozen mango, freesia, rose, amber, musk, heliotrope, vanilla.

Fragranza Rosa is for the woman who wants to fascinate both herself and others but her non-realistic and imaginative personality makes it difficult for her to discriminate which in turn makes her hesitate and feel unsure. Notes are: orange, bergamot, fig leaves, gardenia, jasmine, muguet, osmanthus, ylang ylang, tuberose, geranium, carnation, iris, musk, vanilla. The floral notes are said to be so preponderant in this fragrance that another floral note, iris, was added in the base notes.

Fragranza Gialla incarnates a woman that is elegant and graceful, lovable and lively. This delicate perfume has notes of: bergamot, lemon, blue hyacinth, jasmine, peony, lotus, iris, musk, oakmoss.  


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