For Some Wearing Fragrances Is A Criminal Act {The 5th Sense in the News}

An article in the American Chronicle discusses the issue of allergic reactions to fragrances, based on one illustrative case, and compares perfumes' toxicity to that of second-hand cigarette smoke. There is just one reference used: Lessenger, JE. "Occupational acute anaphylactic reaction to assault by perfume spray in the face." The Journal of the American Board of Family Practice...
Here is the conclusion of the AC article, which sounds even more than sensationalist, extremist:

"The lesson to take away is that fragrances are toxic and should thus be respected. Breathing second-hand fragrance is no different than breathing second-hand smoke. Since everyone shares the same air, the use of scent amounts to assault and battery of those in the same airspace, which is a criminal act."

Well that person should try to survive on the air found in Parisian cafés without choking to death at the hands of smokers! Café-goers are assaulting other café-goers (innocent victims) left and right and the police is not even reacting.

Having said that, I much prefer my air (oops, our air) to be clean but the conclusion to that piece sounds so very hasty.


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  1. No where I have read says that breathing in perfume causes lung cancer or any other sort of cancer, as opposed to second hand smoke. It's not just a matter of public decency, one should also consider the health factors as well.

    What of aromatherapy or scented shampoos and soaps? Should we make those illegal as well, even though the users themselves find perfume in particular offensive?

    Just another instance of hypocrisy at its finest.

  2. Seriously?
    Yes, their conclusion is total extremist bollocks. Scent users do not generally go about spraying it in people's faces like Mace. There's a world of difference between this person's action (which I too would call assault) and wearing a couple of dabs of Mitsouko to the office.

    There's just no comparison between scent users, and smokers who force others to breathe their second-hand smoke. Which, btw, happens to me several times a day - but I don't see the cops arresting the smoker walking down the street in front of me, trailing his clouds of toxins for me to walk through!


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