Miss Dior Chérie: The Official Ads & The Unofficial One + A Perfumista Hit by Reverse-Associations {Perfume Images & Adverts} {Scented Thoughts}

Miss-Dior-Cherie-Marina-Lynchuk.jpgHere are the new print ads for the fragrance Miss Dior Chérie shot with model Maryna Linchuk. Sofia Coppola has been hired by Dior to film the TV commercial version of the ad featuring the same model but the latter has not been released on the net yet as far as I can tell.

And here is an anecdote about the perfume: last summer as I had feasted on ripe French-bred strawberries and some were left on the table and forgotten, I started smelling Miss Dior Chérie in the air in a very distinct manner after a while. It is only after a few quizzical moments that I realized the strawberries smelled exactly like the strawberry note in the perfume, complete with its chypré overtones. I don't know if the scent of these strawberries have been enhanced or if Miss Dior Chérie just captures the natural scent of this varietal wonderfully, but it was funny.

I have been doing involuntary reverse-associations more and more by the way. I smell this cumin and I think, mmm, it smells like L'Autre or that other cumin and mmm, it smells like Kingdom...talk about living in a different world! It does not happen systematically but it looks like the world of perfumes is taking on a life of its own...

I say "reverse-associations" because usually we think of the "natural world" (the cultivated and plowed world really) as the source and referent of our olfactory sensations. But after a while one realizes some perfumes have so perfectly captured a characteristic smell and are so typical of a nuance that they come to work as olfactory references themselves.

A reader, Sean (thanks!), called my attention to these ads as well as an unofficial one, a "commercial" for Miss Dior Chérie shot by Leslie Rathe that was uploaded to You Tube. So it's not Sofia Coppola's but an independent's take on the topic, (the love scenes could be a bit crisper methinks)

The print ads were scanned by Faith Akiyama from the Fashion Spot

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  1. Funny you should mention this, I bought this when it came out because the strawberry note reminded me of the amazing strawberries found in my native homeland, Norway. American one's have got nothin' on the european variety. I like this perfume,I always loved the houndstooth pattern on the bottom of the bottle, and the pretty little bow. And the new ad I saw in the newest vogue reminded me of how pretty this is. I may have to get me a new bottle... and a bunch of pink balloons;-)

    • What a wonderful rejoinder! Not having smelled or tasted your own Norwegian strawberries I am nevertheless able to "communicate" olfactorily with you thanks to the mediation of Miss Dior Chérie! I was also delighted and surprised by the scent of this French varietal (I need to find the name again), one that melts in your mouth, is sweet and fragrant. But it was not until the strawberries had had time to warm up in the room and diffuse, mixed with sunshine, that they started diffusing this jammy, slightly citrusy, I suppose, smell.

      The American kinds I tasted most often are the super-sized kinds or even smaller ones, but I don't recall a similar epiphany.

      Miss Dior Chérie I always thought had a very Parisian, chic bent to it. I like its whimsical and elegant personality.

      Chant Wagner
  2. Hello, I'm designing a website for an ICT Project at Bosworth Academy and I would like to use your image of 'Miss Dior Cherie' if that is alright with you. Hope to hear back from you.

    Aleksandra Oszust
    • It's alright with me. Please cite "Courtesy picture via The Scented Salamander Perfume Blog - MimiFroufrou.com"

      Chant Wagner
  3. On our honeymoon trip twenty years ago we visited Chenonceau and I purchased a lovely scent called Chenonceau. I have tried several time to contact their gift shop to try to purchase more but they have never responded.

    Now we are returning to France, but not to Chenonceau. We will be in Nice later this week, so I would like to go to Grasse in hopes of finding more of this perfume. I am trying to find the manufacturer of this perfume and whether it is still available.

    The markings on the bottle say:
    Parfum de Grasse
    Fleurie, Aldehyde
    Eau de Parfum
    e 3 1/3 Fl. Oz. 80% vol 100 ml
    Made in France Emb. 06069AM
    LOT No0376

    Do you have any suggestions on how to purchase more of this? Or how to find out who manufactures this perfume?

    I appreciate your patience in reading all this. Any suggestions you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

    Diane Drake
    • Hello,

      They do carry historic, commercial fragrances in their gift shop, which are made in Grasse. These are perfume types, so you could check other scents in the floral aldehydic family of perfumes when you're in the south of France and see if you can find a match. Otherwise, insist and try to call the shop to see if they can ship abroad.

      Chant Wagner

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