Floris Discontinues Fragrances {Perfume News}

floris_shopFront.jpgThe house of Floris has confirmed to TSS that they will discontinue several fragrances from their catalog "...to make way for future launches." The perfumes which are going to be withdrawn from circulation are: Vetiver, China Rose, Zinnia and even the renowned Malmaison, a carnation scent of choice in perfumistas' circles. It is a lovely blend and will be missed for the history and charm it exudes...
It is also a beautiful musk perfume as well as a carnation one, so stock up while you can!

Stephanotis will also be partly discontinued and has been moved to the Classics collection where it will be available in eau de toilette, soap and bath essence. The rest of the Stephanotis products have been retired.

Floris said they are planning to launch at least one new perfume in the not-too-distant future.

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