Annick Goutal Collection Noel: Repackaging, New Candles, Home Sprays {New Perfumes}

Annick Goutal has launched a limited-edition Collection Noël for the holiday season. New products mix with festively repackaged ones.

For the first time, one will be able to scent one's room with the famous Eau d'Hadrien, Parfum Pour La Maison, which was reformulated as a home spray. A Noël Parfum Pour La Maison was also created with notes of lemon, bitter orange, mandarin and Siberian pine (currently sold out on the e-commerce site). Both can be purchased as candles...

Les-Orientalistes-Candles.jpg Les-Orientalistes-Noel.jpgLes Orientalistes collection, including Ambre Fétiche, Myrrhe Ardente, Encens Flamboyant and Musc Nomade, is now available in the trademark godron bottle, which is usually meant to lure in the feminine clientèle of the house with its boudoir style. Ambre Fétiche is also available in the boule papillon bottle. Les Orientalistes are also now declined in three candles (Musc Nomade is also available as part of a coffret with Encens Flamboyant) and scent body creams.

More information available on the Annick Goutal site.

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