Yves Rocher Reedition Parfum Antartic, Aztec, Trimaran (2008) {New Perfumes} {Men's Cologne}

Reedition-Yves-Rocher-Men.jpgYves Rocher, after releasing a collection of re-editions for women from their archives in 2007, have now turned their attention to discontinued men's scents. This fall three colognes can be found anew on the shelves of the Yves Rocher boutiques*: Antartic (1990), Aztec (1993), Trimaran (1985)...
Antartic is a fresh aromatic cologne with top notes of grapefruit and mandarin, heart notes of lavandin, nutmeg, clove, base note of patchouli.

Further, the following ingredients are listed as being of "vegetable origin":

huiles essentielles de citron, d'orange, de pamplemousse, de mandarine, de lavandin, de clous de girofle, de noix de muscade, de patchouli et de bois d'amyris.

Aztec is a sensual oriental with top notes of bergamot, sweet lime, mugwort, cinnamon, heart notes of nutmeg, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, base notes of patchouli, cedar, cistus.

Vegetable ingredients are:

huiles essentielles de citron, d'orange, de mandarine, de bergamote, de limette, de galbanum, de menthe verte, d'armoise, de romarin, de muscade, de cumin, de coriandre, de cannelle, d'ylang-ylang, de patchouli et de cèdre, absolue de labdanum

Trimaran is a zesty and tonic scent with top notes of lemon, mandarin, bergamot, petitgrain, juniper, peppermint, heart notes of Bourbon geranium, lavender, base note of vetiver.

Vegetable ingredients are:

huiles essentielles d'orange, de citron, de mandarine, de bergamote, de petitgrain, de galbanum, de menthe poivrée, de cannelle, de baies de genièvre, de géranium Bourbon, de lavande, de vétiver, de patchouli, d'oliban et de labdanum

Each 100 ml eau de toilette is priced at 29, 90 Euros.

*Not yet available in the USA.

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  1. Do you offer Aztec (original) cologne for men?
    If so, could you please tell me the cost and sizes available?
    Thank you,
    Stephen A. Thurmer, phD

    Steve Thurmer
    • We actually do not sell perfume, we write about them.

      It's available on the French Yves Rocher website.

      Chant Wagner
  2. I have looked at Yves Rocher website and cannot find Aztec cologne for men. Please let me know if it is still on the market. Thank you

    Marc Scarsella
    • From what I was able to gather, the distribution of Aztek is limited to the Yves Rocher website in France and not sold in store anymore. It is still catalogued but they periodically run out of stock.

      Chant Wagner

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