Aquolina Pink Sugar Luxury Extract (2008) {New Perfume}


Who would have thought that Aquolina would one day launch a perfume extract of their original Pink Sugar, back in 2002? Its style, following the vision of Antonella Pascale, was meant to be casual and playful. It smelled of warm cookies and sugared candy floss aplenty. It completely lacked pretension. Yet, thanks to its enduring popularity, this non-slavish take on the concept of a Thierry Mugler Angel, the archetypal gourmand oriental, has now a luxurious version of itself in the person of Pink Sugar Luxury Extract...


The bottle is as cute as can be. The comfort factor has probably gone up. It is going further for what made its success: an overdose of balanced yumminess that could hardly be beaten, except by a magnifying version of its own self.

The contrast of laid-back cuteness and luxury is amusing, in a good way.

A 0.5 oz of pure perfume is priced at $95 and available for pre-order at Nordstrom.


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