Exclusive 30% Off Gap Voucher for Our UK & Ireland Readers - Today Only {Shopping Tip - Coupons & Deals}

Sometimes people might think perfumistas go naked with just a drop or two of perfume under the earlobes to counteract the elements since when they use the verb "wear" it is usually followed by the words "scent", "fragrance" or "fume" and then nothing else really.

But what they tell you is not true! Marylin Monroe started the rumor with her famous invisible Chanel No. 5 jammies and in fact most perfumistas can and do wear both perfume and clothes!

I am sure that this will come as a realization to most of our readers, especially since it is hard to scrutinize each others' fashion sense online, and who knows? Maybe there are some naked people typing away on the internet...

OK, this little introduction to let our UK & Ireland readers that Gap is offering them an exclusive 30 % off discount voucher that you can download here.

If you do cave in, let us know what you bought and with what perfumes you intend to wear your new outfits!

For some reviews of Gap scents see here.

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  1. The voucher is only valid until today since the original promotion went up 13 days ago.

    • Thanks Lian -- I updated the tip. Saw a reminder today.

      Chant Wagner

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