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Fresh has re-edited two perfumes from their catalog in the Index collection, Patchouli Pure and Tobacco Caramel originally introduced in 2001 and 1999 respectively. They were discontinued two years ago and are back by popular demand. Tobacco Caramel, in spite of its reference to the voice of Billie Holiday, is explicitly billed as an unisex scent.

Patchouli Pure is an "An intoxicatingly fragrant blend of ginger, patchouli, cinnamon, and vanilla."

Tobacco Caramel is "Infused with voluptuous notes such as tobacco flowers, French tarragon and rich amber."...
About Patchouli Pure,

Lev Glazman "...created Patchouli Pure Eau De Parfum to evoke the romance of an evening encounter -- full of lust, passion, and the enveloping scent of incense that flows through open windows on a balmy night.

Formulated to be a deep, intoxicating fragrance, Patchouli Pure EDP evokes the richness of velvet, the dreaminess of silk, and the lushness of rare red wine. Its exotic notes are tempered with light, flowering bergamot and bright orange, creating a balanced scent perfect for men or women."

Top: ginger, bergamot, orange
Heart: patchouli, cinnamon, pimento berry
Base: vanilla, amber, tonka musk

About Tobacco Caramel,

It evokes "...the dapper sophistication of the 1940s. Inspired by the soulful voice of Billie Holiday, the fragrance is meant to embody a sense of luxury, leisure, and casual elegance. Notes like tobacco flowers, French tarragon, and rich amber conjure up images of perfectly tailored suits and breezy evening gowns, as men and women linger over drinks, their bodies brushing against each other in the perfumed air.

- Top: tobacco flowers, mandarin, French tarragon
- Heart: honey, Damascena rose, Chinese osmanthus
- Base: caramel, rich amber, musk

Each 100 ml eau de parfum is priced at $75.

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  1. Fresh Index Patchouli Pure. Where can I buy this now that it is back? I cannot seem to find it. Thanks!

    Annadaire Ingram
  2. I am looking for Index: Patchouli Pure perfume. Please tell me where I can get it. Thanks!

  3. Suche dringend von Fresh Eau de Parfum tobacco caramel
    Hoffe bei Ihnen fündig zu werden.
    Gruss aus München
    Hann-Peter Kreuser

    Hanns-Peter Kreuser
  4. I wore Fresh Patchouli Pure for several years and loved it. Can you please tell me if it is still available and where I may order it? Thank you.

    Valerie Rhoades
  5. Discontinued, but I see them come up on eBay once in a while. There is one there right now.


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