Guerlain L'Instant Magic Re-Visited (2008) {New Perfume}

To celebrate its 180th anniversary, Guerlain has launched a limited-edition of L'Instant Magic originally introduced in 2007 as an eau de parfum (see our review of it) and pure parfum. The composition has been revisited for this fall and winter seasons to become, paradoxically, a lighter, in principle, eau de toilette...
What is more interesting to consider when trying out a new concentration for a perfume is to evaluate how the fragrance has been re-balanced, re-interpreted overall. I have an eau de toilette version of L'Heure Bleue which is more vaporous, cloud-like and rich than the stronger concentrations.

The packaging has also changed, having shed its modern flacon to go back to the traditional inverted-heart stoppered Guerlain bottle, except that this time it has been tinted a transparent "purple fantasy" color to paraphrase the name of another Guerlain perfume.

Notes include: bergamot, rose, freesia, white musk, cedar, sandalwood.

A 50 ml bottle is priced at 95 €

Via Canadian site Loulou Magazine which mistakenly announces it as an eau de parfum. The box does mention an "eau de toilette".

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