Monica Bellucci Plays Daughter of Eve for Dior Hypnotic Poison Ad {Perfume Images & Adverts - New}

Hypnotic-Dior-Ad-Belluci-TSS.jpgThe new ad for Dior Hypnotic Poison with actress Monica Bellucci. The tag line is Dior est mon poison (Dior is my poison).

An advertising that plays to the stereotype or archetype of Eve. The bottle of Hypnotic Poison becomes or rather suggests the (red) apple Eve bit into as she was seduced into it by the serpent in the garden of Eden.

After Eve/Monica Bellucci gets expulsed from Eden she takes on the attributes of the snake in order, in her turn, to ssssseduce unwitting men.

However Dior in their kindness have posted a big enough community warning sign.

Monica Bellucci thus becomes that multi-secular female public enemy # 1 figure at the very same time that her husband Vincent Cassel is playing the role of public enemy #1 Mesrine in his latest movie.

Nice synchronicity.

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  1. Como faço pra adiquirir esse produtoo

    • It's very easy to find online and in department stores.

      Chant Wagner

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