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Photos courtesy of the Society of American Perfumers

This year, the Perfumers Choice Awards 2008 wanted to place their event under the guidance of two inspirational quotes from two women captains of industry to help members of the profession make the final selection of the winners for the PCAs awards (please see previous list of nominees). One is a reminder about the necessity to be creative and is from Coco Chanel who said "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different," and the other is about the simple pragmatic reason for promoting standards of excellence and is by Estée Lauder who liked to remind people that "If you put the product into the customer's hands, it will speak for itself if it's something of quality."

Perhaps these remarks intervened in an era when advertising for beauty and fragrance products was less important than it is today and image less critical, but one can still, despite this evolution, and in fact, more so than ever precisely because of these new developments, agree with these premises.

The winners for 2008 are:

November 12, 2008

The American Society of Perfumers
2008 Perfumers Choice Awards Winners Announced

Best Fine Fragrance Women's Classic


Estee Lauder

Best Fine Fragrance Men's Classic




On the right, Mary Pierre Julien, perfumer from Givaudan and winner for Dancing Waters Shower Gel

Fine Fragrance Women's Contemporary



Fine Fragrance Men's Contemporary

Polo Double Black

Ralph Lauren

Best Baby/Children Fragrance

Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Bath

Johnson & Johnson   

Best Eco-Friendly/Natural Fragrances

Pure & Natural Pomegranate & Grapefruit Body Wash

Dial Corporation

Best Hair Care Fragrance Mass

Pantene Pro V Expressions   

Procter & Gamble Fragrance Team

Best Hair Care Fragrance Specialty

Botanical Daily Shampoo

Alba Botanica
Creative Concepts

Best Bath and Shower Fragrance Mass

Axe Recovery Shower Gel


Best Bath and Shower Fragrance Specialty

Dancing Waters Shower Gel

Bath and Body Works

Best Body Care Fragrance Women's

Secret Clinical Light & Fresh Scent

Procter & Gamble Fragrance Team

Best Body Care Fragrance Men's

Old Spice After Hours Deodorant

Procter & Gamble Team Fragrance Team

Best Body and Face Lotion Fragrance Mass

Neutrogena Oil Free Pink Facial


Best Body and Face Lotion Specialty

Velvet Tuberose

Bath and Body Works

Best Sunscreen/Self Tanner Fragrance

AVEENO Protection Sunblock Lotion "Continuous Protection"

Johnson & Johnson

Best Laundry Fabric Care Fragrance

Downy Simple Pleasures Lavender and Vanilla

Procter & Gamble Fragrance Team

Best Laundry Detergent Fragrance

Ultra Tide with Febreze Meadows & Rain

Procter & Gamble Fragrance Team   

Best Household Cleaner Fragrance

Ultra Concentrated Dawn with Orange Eraser Fresh Orange

Procter & Gamble Team

Best Air Care Fragrance Mass

Febreze NOTICEABLES Morning Walk and Cleansing Rain

Procter & Gamble Team

Best Air Care Fragrance Specialty

Lemon Verbena AirEssence

Creative Concepts

Best Candle Fragrance Mass

Juicy Nectarine

Bath and Body Works

Best Candle Fragrance Specialty

Henri Bendel Fig

Henri Bendel

Best Challenge Base Fragrance

Cascade Complete All in One

Procter and Gamble Fragrance Team

Best Fragrance Line Extension Mass

The Herbal Essence Series

Procter & Gamble Fragrance Team

Best Fragrance Line Extension Specialty

Bond No.9 Series

Bond No. 9

The American Society of Perfumers is a nationally recognized not-for-profit organization, founded in 1947, with a current membership of approximately 300 qualified perfumers. The ASP fosters the art and science of perfumery in the US while promoting professional exchange and a high standard of professional conduct within the fragrance industry. For more information about ASP, go to

Marvel Fields, president of the American Society of Perfumers and actor Tony Sirico who unveiled his perfume Paolo per Uomo

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