Tony Sirico Paolo Per Uomo (2008): The Sopranos' Touch {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne} {Perfume Ads}


As a follow-up to our initial announcement, here is a sneak peek at the advert for the upcoming new cologne inspired by actor Tony Sirico titled Paolo Per Uomo (Paul or Paulie for Men). It is inspired by his Soprano character Paulie Walnuts. The tag line is: "Make it known you mean business."...


The Italian name and the Sopranos' background reference confers it an all-Italian-American cachet. Wouldn't it have been cool if American Dream Fragrances, the company presided by Donna Sullivan, who developed the perfume, would have found a way of incorporating a recording of Tony Sirico's voice to the packaging, complete with his inimitable accent. It would have been activated by each spritz of the perfume, and voilà for the ambiance!

Ah, well, we will have to be content, hopefully, with a TV commercial.

There is a dedicated micro-website, which features the fragrance launching November 11th:

Via press release

The New York Mag has a pretty hilarious account of their bumping into Tony Sirico at a party last August, and guess what, he was sporting his new cologne,

"It's delicious," Sirico said emphatically. "This is the real Tony. I'm well groomed. I smell well. And that's who I am. I'm a ladies' man. And the ladies love the smell." He continued, "The bottle is blue, and it's got a slash of gray like my hair." While he didn't design the bottle himself, he did approve the smell after an arduous trial-and-error process. "I got a bottle from them about fifteen times. It took about a year. One day they sent something to my home and bada bing! That did it. Magic ... It has a touch of cognac, which I love." So that's how the celebrities make fragrances."

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  1. I would like to now if I can purchase Tony Sirico"s New cologne. Tony will be attending Teddy Atlas's dinner on Thursday November 20th and we would like to get a few bottles.
    I can be reached at the above email or 718-980-7037 Thank you Kathy Zito

    Kathy Zito
  2. Will Tony Sirico be in Los Angeles soon promoting his new cologne? Where can you buy it? I really enjoy his work. Thanks,Tim Kelly

    Tim Kelly
    • Tim,

      I am starting to sense that Tony Sirico has some real fans! I will inquire again and see what news there are.

      Chant Wagner
  3. where can i buy this cologne ?


    • The cologne is not yet available for purchase is what I was told last time I asked.

      But it should be available soon nevertheless. Hang on!

      Chant Wagner
  4. Once again another great article! After hearing about this perfume, I too was curious about its reception due to the use of “rose” in the title. I'll admit it, I'm in the younger "yuck this has rose a note in it" crowd, but not due to the fear of smelling like an old lady, ha. Out of my collection, I think the only rose fragrance I have is YSL Baby Doll, which happens to share a few of the same notes (currant, grapefruit, and a wood note) and also markets to the younger crowd. I'm rather curious to smell this one soon and I also like the ad.

    pheromone cologne
  5. Where can you buy it in Melbourne, Australia?

    Sam Barbagallo

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