Parfums Edition 2009 by Susanne Opalka & Uschi Rollar {Fragrant Reading - New Book}

The yearly edition of German perfume guide Parfums Edition by publishing house Ebner Verlag has launched its 2009 edition.

This year, the guide is co-authored by Susanne Opalka teaming up with regular contributor Uschi Rollar...

The book, entitled Edition 14 lists what the authors consider are the most noteworthy - in fact they prefer to say the best perfumes of the year. The 2009 edition comprises 168 new fragrances, a number of interviews with perfumers and perfume bottle designers as well as reportages about the perfume scene: "trends, emotions, luxury for the connoisseur". A section on new ingredients is also included.

Fragrances are given a short background, an olfactive family affiliation and their note pyramids are listed. The book of 184 pages is lushly illustrated with photographs by Jo Van Den Berg.

Pocket book is priced at 5€
Hard-cover version is priced at 29,90€


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