The Scented Salamander Perfume Holiday Gift Guide 2008 - Part 3: Stocking Stuffers {Shopping Tips}


Today, au menu du jour: Stocking Stuffers for both men and women!

Do you need those special little tit bits that will make your Christmas stockings look plump and ready to celebrate?

Here are some options for the scentaholics, perfume lovers, aromatherapy aficionados and even for those who just want to make fun of them.

Check out also our Perfume Holiday Gift Guide 2008 Part 1, Part 2 and the Perfume Shopping Tips page for more gift ideas.

1 - Slatkin & Co Scentportable - Evergreen

The new clip-and-go way to perfume your surroundings with the scent of a pine-y forest:

"Spread high-quality scents into all the spaces of your life, without a plug, battery or flame. The built-in clip base allows SCENTPORTABLE to hang, sit or rest on virtually any surface.
  • Clip and go fragrance unit
  • Fragrance disk automatically diffuses scent without the use of plugs, batteries or flames
  • Offers continuous fragrance for 4 to 6 weeks
  • Perfect for your car, closet, drawers, luggage, gym bag, pet area, laundry basket or any other small space
  • Evergreen is a blend of fresh green fir balsam, sparkling mint, cool pine and spicy clove, with a smoky touch of white birch and dark woods." $5...

2 - Pacifica Solid Perfume - Madagascar Spice

One of their most popular scents. Surprisingly nice in the drydown. The beginning of the scent might make you think it will be too candied and cute, but develops in a lovely manner. floral, spicy and citrusy: ylang, clove, sweet orange...Pacifica says both men and women love it. $7,20

3 - Pacifica Solid Perfume - Spanish Amber

A nice warm resinous and "pure" amber, like a more uncomplicated cousin of Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens. $9

4 - Pacifica Avalon Juniper Gift Set

A citrusy wintry scent: juniper and grapefruit mingle to give the impression of a citrus perfume designed for a snow-falling day. $16

(Note: those are the 3 scents I retained from a set that I was able to test)

5 - Slatkin & Co Aromatherapy The Happy Host - Stress Relief and Headache Relief

"The guests are early. The hors d'oeuvres aren't ready. And did someone spill something on your new rug? Be a happy host. Whether you're hosting one or one hundred people, our Stress Relief blend will help you be gracious under pressure, while our Headache Relief blend will help you clear your mind so your head can stop throbbing. 0.3 oz. each.
Imported." $12

6 - Dior J'Adore L'Absolu Solid Perfume

The new more intense version of modern classic J'Adore is also available in a solid perfume that is easy to tuck in your bag. The J'Adore Absolu smells like J'Adore except that the floral notes have been pushed and made to feel both more conspicuous and richer. For big, sophisticated flowers lovers. 83,40€ or $82 in the US, at Nordstrom.

7 - Costes 15 ml Splash

Get a whiff of Hôtel Costes in Paris without having to travel to France with their signature unisex scent now available in a travel size for only $15. You can smell niche and chic without tearing a hole in your pocket. Available at

8 - Vinolia Boracic and Cold Cream Bath Soap -- historic suds: this was the brand of soap proposed to first-class passengers on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. $24, at Vermont Country Store

9 - Lush Mirror Mirror Moisturizer

An efficacious beauty product that doubles as a chic vintage French perfume from the 1950s. People are raving about it as a face and eye cream (will report on the scent when I get a chance to sniff it). The perfume itself is characterized as being old lady-ish by some which might be a good thing for vintage perfume lovers.

"Firm neck and cleavage with the intoxicating fragrance of a 1950s French perfume

Mirror Mirror smells so irresistible it has loved ones snuggling up in no time. (You can spread it as far down your neck as you like. It works beautifully on the bosom.) But it's not merely a fragrance. Meadowsweet herb and tiger lily petals work diligently to tighten the tissues. Combine these with toning essential oils and your neck will look and feel as lovely as it smells. You can use it on your face too. Give it a go."

10 - Caudalie Beauty Elixir

This is a modern version of the famous Eau de la Reine de Hongrie, a medieval recipe of beauty and youth. Smells pleasantly herbaly and fresh while reviving your complexion. Can work as an after-shave. $15 and $50 at Sephora.

11 - Sleep Scentsations - Relaxing; My Boyfriend's Shirt

These are scented sheets that you slip under your pillow cover to lull you to sleep or encourage sweet dreams. I tested My Boyfriend's Shirt first - such a great name - then decided it was best for me to relax with the lavender Relaxing. The Boyfriend scent does create the impression of a masculine presence, which I am sure some will particularly appreciate. The scents are not overpowering. In fact they tend to last a shorter time than advertised (a few days). Full effect is apparent on the first night and dwindles on the second already. But I bet the Boyfriend's Shirt will amuse. $24.99 for 8 liners at (more perfumes available).

12 - Lush Porridge Handmade Soap

It smells so yummy! The soap wafts of the scents of cereals, milk and caramel. Doubles as a gentle exfoliator. First launched in Europe, now in the US. $5.95

"Real oats make for a sweet, scrubby soap that's just right

Porridge started life as 3 different soaps in the LUSH lab. One felt great, one smelled delicious and the last looked magnificent. Combined together they produced a soap that's just right. Stuffed with real oats for an exfoliating scrub and fresh orange juice to invigorate sleepy heads, this sweet treat smells like molasses and makes skin deliciously soft. Ideal for sensitive skin; irresistible to everyone else, including bears."

13 -  Lush Gold Frankincense and Beer Shower Jelly

Sounds like a must-check combination of scents that will please both Madame and Monsieur. Are you willing to share your shower jelly?

"Warming cinnamon and clove stimulate the senses

We start with beer (stout really) because it's great for the hair and lovely on the skin. We then toss in warming cinnamon leaf, black pepper and clove essential oils to stimulate circulation, and mandarin juice and orange oil to invigorate. Mix them all up into a sparkly jelly brew and you've got a combination worthy of kings for cool autumn evenings." $5,50

14 - Perfume Christmas Tee-Shirt

"I wanted some perfume and all I got was this lousy shirt." $18,45 here

My advice: you can offer this tee to a perfumista provided it is wrapped around a perfume bottle or two otherwise the Holiday cheer might be missing from your house this year.

You can actually choose a number of perfume messages on

Some are very politically anti-perfume, interestingly so. For example we have, "Second hand smoke is no longer tolerated...why tolerate second hand perfume ?!?" here or the religious version, on the front: "Please make Church safe for Fragrance Free!" and on the back: "Your body is a temple...don't pollute it with toxic perfume."here. A much longer anti-perfume pamphlet, "Do not approach!! You may be contaminated with perfumes and other harmful chemicals..." here.

15 - African Civet Cat Tote Bag

There are a few civet jokes on Here is a neutral version of civet pride for the perfumista or perfumisto who dares but does not want to offend. Reproduction of a lithography by Richard Lydekker. Several models and colors available. $27,50

Check out also our Perfume Holiday Gift Guide 2008 Part 1, Part 2 and the Perfume Shopping Tips page for more gift ideas. 

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  1. hi there. i found the scented pillow liners at i ordered the variety pack. the boyfriend shirt sounds nice but the snore rx sounds better cause my boyfriend snores. 8)

    • Oh my! Thank you, I just realized that I truncated the url. Had to finish posting quickly :)

      Hope you enjoy those. The Snore one sounds great.

      Chant Wagner
  2. I have been using BBW sleep spray for awhile now and thought those scented pillow liners sounded cool and so I ordered the Relaxing and Day at the Beach. I like that they have such a selection to choose from. Will comment back once I try them...thanks


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