Guerlain Fleurs de Shalimar - Shalimar Flowers Limited Editions: The Flower Behind The Pod {Fragrance News}



There are some fragrances you love so much that you are glad when you can rhapsodize further about them by laying another variation of them on your dressing table. Unconditionals of Shalimar will be pleased to learn that this spring, they will have one more, nay, two more reasons to re-buy their beloved fragrance.

Guerlain will release two new limited-editions of Shalimar Eau de Parfum and Eau de Shalimar called Fleurs de Shalimar - Shalimar Flowers. The limited-edition collection wishes to pay a design homage to the vanilla blossom so characteristic of the Guerlain signature by decorating the flacons with white and black etched orchids. This floral motif is also one that is richly illustrated in the arts in general and will be of interest to orchid collectors.

"Among all the marvels of the Gardens of Shalimar, vanilla is one of the most bewitching and sensual. Protective of its own rarity, it only blossoms for a few hours at sunrise. To celebrate this quiet, intimate moment with vanilla flowers and to capture a second of eternity, Guerlain etched its blossoms on the Shalimar bottle."…

 From Guerlain:

"At once sublime and intimate, these accords express themselves through multiple facets, whether one is wearing Shalimar or Eau de Shalimar. A floral top note inflamed by bergamot announces a bouquet of jasmine, rose and iris. At its heart, powder y iris notes linger and blend with the addictive softness and marvellous sensuality of vanilla. Next comes the balmy roundness of sweet myrrh and Tonka bean, which make the scent of Shalimar recognizable above all others and arouse the senses like a lover's embrace.

Eau de Shalimar is a light reinterpretation of its elder sister. It owes its freshness to lime and orange, which under score the spar kling bergamot note. Its citrusy transparency mingles with rose, jasmine and iris before blending with the amber accents found in Shalimar’s original score."

The perfume compositions remain the same as usual.

The standard 50 ml bottle of Eau de Shalimar sees a new, larger 75 ml variation of it.

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  1. I love Shalimar! A friend of mine said it would change it's fragrance as it ages. Is this true? also what is the difference between extract and perfume if any. Thanks

    beverley bender
    • Yes, perfumes evolve with age but they can mellow like good wine (or turn if you do not keep them sheltered from light and heat.)

      Extract and Perfume refer to the same thing, the highest concentration of aromatic compounds you can find in an Ethanol-based perfume. An Extract or Perfume or Parfum or Perfume Extract usually start at 20% of the solution and reportedly can go up to 40%. It depends on the nature of the formulation, the marketing constraints, the brand's philosophy etc.

      Chant Wagner

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