New Scents from L'Occitane {Fragrance News}

L'occitane.jpgBody-care news from L'Occitane en Provence, which will introduce new scents in January 2009 in its Shea Butter range: rose, vanilla, frangipani, ylang-ylang and acacia. Each item is priced at $21 for 3.4 oz. The original Shea Butter cream gets repackaged, $38 for 7 oz.

In February an eau de toilette ($46), will join the Honey Lemon collection featuring "sweeter base notes of apricot and vanilla" together with a massage oil ($17) in the same scent as the edt. No name is given thus far, but it sounds like a flanker rather than a frankly-announced reformulation although the phrasing is a bit ambiguous. Also expect to see a new lip gloss for $9 and a candle for $23, in the same range.

L'Occitane is having a big sale right now: up to 50% off on 150 products.


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