A Guerlain Insider's Blog: Esprit de Parfum by Sylvaine Delacourte {Fragrant Reading}

blog-sylvaine-delacourte.jpgGuerlain's artistic director Sylvaine Delacourte has had a blog running for a little over a year now. It is not an official blog for the brand per se, but rather both a personal and professional blog about her experiences at Guerlain and in the world of fragrances (and flavors) more generally...

An interesting read (in French) for people who want to get, a little, into the thinking heads at Guerlain. Perfume history buffs will appreciate for example the fact that it took in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser no less than 632 tries to nail down the latest Guerlain Homme. There are also practical tips on how to apply perfume, keep it well preserved, favorite addresses she recommends along the way.

It is an internet window onto a venerable house est. 1828 and undergoing major structural change since 1994 when it was bought up by the LVMH group. It offers some insights about the work of an artistic director for fragrance development. Her blog is called Esprit de Parfum: Le blog de Sylvaine Delacourte. She also offers fragrance consulting services.

Sylvaine Delacourte calls her blog a work in progress that should be a little readier in about two weeks.

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