Halle Berry Halle (2009): The Bare Essence of a Woman {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Halle-Berry-Perfume-Bottle-B.jpgAs announced last year, actress Halle Berry has been working with Coty on developing her signature fragrance. Now the scent called Halle by Halle Berry is set to launch in the spring of 2009.

Berry is no newbie to the world of scents. She readily confesses that she likes to blend her own oils, much like Sarah Jessica Parker, calling it "a wonderful form of self-expression." Unlike SJP though, she does not seem to have a favorite super-sexy combination but rather thoroughly enjoys the creative part of it.

"For years I have created my own personal scents by mixing and layering fragrances, trying to come up with something unique and different. It's a wonderful form of self-expression and I am thrilled to be working with Coty on my debut fragrance," ...


Coty on their end, announce that Halle has a global vocation,

"...this fragrance will resonate amongst all women around the world, inviting them to reveal their inner beauty, sensuality and strength of character."

If you have been following perfume trends, you will be interested to know that as a "woody oriental", Halle continues to develop the theme of feminine woods that was presented last year as slightly edgy for the mainstream market.

The perfume incorporates notes of luminous mimosa and fig, two notes beloved by the Oscar-winning actress.

Top notes are: bergamot, fig leaves and pear blossom; heart notes are: freesia petals, hibiscus flower and a new-sounding accord or molecule, "Ultra Mimosa"; base notes are: sandalwood, driftwood, cashmere musk, olibanum absolute, and sensual amber.

The composition is said to play on contrasts of transparency and texture, freshness and sensuality.

The advertising was shot on a beach in Oahu, Hawaii by photographer and director Cliff Watts.

The price range is very reasonable. Halle will not drain your wallet, especially in US $:

Eau de Parfum 0.5oz/15ml                $ 17.00(US) / EUR 16.00 *
Eau de Parfum 1oz/30ml                $ 28.00(US) / EUR 24.00 *
Eau de Parfum 1.7oz/50ml                $ 35.00(US) / EUR 34.00 *

Body Lotion 6.7oz/200ml                $ 12.50(US) / EUR 35.00 *
Shower Gel 6.7oz/200ml                     EUR 12.50 *
Deodorant Natural Spray 2.5oz/75ml   EUR 13.50 *

(Via Coty press release)

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  1. As long as it's not too sweet, this sounds very promising. It's so nice to have turned the corner from the hairspray smells of fruity florals and cloying super-sweets. Thank goodness for the swinging pendulum of fashion bringing us back to good old woodies.

    I also think it's fascinating to see a little 15ml bottle on sale. And a great idea. It's pretty much a trial size and I can easily see myself splashing out under 20 Euro for a little bottle of something that I can slip in my handbag, use during the day and take on holiday without stressing about losing/breaking a precious bottle of something niche.


    • Yes, I like the idea of a fig-and-mimosa accord a priori.

      I don't know if the travel spray is here for the holidays looming on the horizon or if it is motivated by the desire to be recession-friendly, or both, but it is an idea that can only be popular.

      Chant Wagner

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