Shiseido Zen White (2009): Aromachological Properties {New Fragrance}

Shiseido will release a limited-edition flanker to the original Zen called Zen White in April 2009. The tag line is a serene-sounding "The Perfume of Light."

As underlined previously for Zen, but more explicitly stated perhaps this time, the new scent is said to include health-conscious ingredients with aromatherapeutic, soothing properties meant to relieve stress...

Top notes: lemon, cedrat, apple, grapefruit, peach, blackcurrant; heart notes: freesia, gardenia, blue rose, lily of the valley, lotus bloom; base notes: raspberry, cedar, musk, amber.

The "blue rose" note is an imaginary abstract note based on rose and violet and freshened by a lemony note, as perfumer Michel Almairac explained for the original Zen.

Eau de Parfum, 50 ml ca. 60,00 Euro*


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