Avril Lavigne Black-Star Story Board Uncovered {Celebrity Fragrances}

Yesterday we posted about the upcoming scent Black Star by Avril Lavigne and only the name was known. Things move quickly in the internet age, don't they? This morning a reader sent us a link to the story board for the upcoming perfume commercial which was uncovered by his daughter on an Avril Lavigne fan site!!

Thanks very much to both for this very interesting glimpse into an unusual behind-the-scenes!

I get - don't you too?- a pronounced Thierry-Mugler-Angel vibe from that story board with all the stars twinkling in the sky, the shape of the bottle and the idealized gesture of Avril reaching out to a star. It looks quite a bit in fact like the latest commercial for Angel with Naomi Watts. I initially imagined that the "star" in the name was a reference to stardom status rather than an asteroid. I wonder how Mugler is going to take that? (please click on the images to see them full sizes)...


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