Les Parfums Keiko Mecheri Offer a New Perfume Sample Program {Shopping Tip}

Keiko-Mecheri-Samples.jpgFragrance samples are very popular amongst perfumistas, you can guess why. So I am glad to be able to report that Keiko Mecheri parfums have set up a brand new sampling program through their recently-launched website.

You have three main options: 1) you can order samples of all 30 fragrances from the collection for $48. They come in "a large coffer with blotter cards for smelling the scents. This is accompanied by a beautiful bound booklet explaining each scent and the philosophy of Keiko Mecheri."...

I have a copy of the booklet and it is indeed very nice, with a luxurious feel to it. There are many pictures and the paper is thick.

2) You can also try the new trio of Loukhoum perfumes for $10.

3) You can purchase any set of 5 fragrances that will come in 1.2 ml mini-sprays for a shipping and handling charge of $8.

The prices for the two first options include the shipping and handling fees.

Finally, if you order a full-sized perfume from the website, you will get 5 free samples that you can choose by yourself.

More information available from Keiko Mecheri

A bit of news: I will publish a Q & A with Keiko Mecheri later today. Please check back to learn more about this perfume house and the work and vision of a fragrance artistic director, as part of our series on artistic directors in the perfumery world.

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  1. Good for them! More perfume houses should wise-up and offer sample purchases. I find that I am more likely to purchase a fragrance if I have time to fall in love with a sample. Now I may have to take them up one one of their offers!


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