Kylie Minogue Inverse (2009): New Men's Fragrance + TV Commercial {Celebrity Perfume}

Kylie Minogue has been putting out a number of perfumes under her name since her debut one Darling in 2006. I have somewhat lost track of all of them because they resemble each others too much in names, colors, concept. When perfumes aim for indifferenciation, or more nicely put, brand cohesion, my brain tends to respond adequately.

Still, I covered two sequels, Sweet Darling (2007) and Showtime (2008). There is also a Sexy Darling and a recent 2009 Couture. Now on to something a little different, I guess...

The singer had said in the past that she wanted to do a men's fragrance for beau Olivier Martinez on what turned out to be the eve of her breakup with her then boyfriend (watch this space become a gossip column -- oops, sorry, it's already become one).

Her heart breaks. Separates. Picks herself up. In 2009 creates new men's fragrance featuring new boyfriend Spanish model Andres Velencoso Segura who looks not unlike Olivier Martinez.

The Chinese version of You Tube is already displaying a TV commercial featuring both Kylie and Andres. I am not sure this is the definitive polished version as it could look a bit like a pilot, but you can catch a glimpse of the new cologne which, how telling, can be turned around and reveal another front.

Is Inverse Kylie Minogue's life stance about men in a nutshell? Women will appreciate, men (especially Olivier Martinez) will also appreciate.

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  1. In Italian Inverse is slang for "gay".!!

    • Thanks for your insight! Proust used the French version of this word in his novels: "un inverti" but I think it would sound old-fashioned today in French unless it's used in gay slang.

      We'll see what Kylie Minogue has to say about the choice of the name for this new fragrance when it becomes more official a launch. It certainly gives the impression that some thought went into it.

      Was she looking for this kind of ambiguous level of meaning? The name, I find, is definitely on the ambiguous side in general.

      Chant Wagner
  2. Well Kylie spent quite a few years living in Paris with Olivier, so she speaks French, plus she has a huge gay following, so I bet she knows exactly what she's doing with the name. Good for her; I like a bit of intelligence and wit in perfume names.

    I tried a pile of celebuscents last autumn, out of masochism/curiosity and found her Sexy Darling pretty good - it's a sweet woody musky number and I even went so far as to buy a little bottle.

    • Brilliant! Now I remember that thing about her gay following. So, it all makes sense now. "Inverse" is a great name then with its somewhat ambiguous English meaning (inverse what?) and the double-entendre when read as an Italian word.

      I don't think I have tried her scents but, yes, beyond the drudgery, at times, of having to report on infinite numbers of flankers, I am completely with you with the fact that a celeb perfume can be very good actually.

      I guess I'll have to post about the two Kylie Minogue perfumes that I've "missed" :)

      Chant Wagner

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