Chantal Thomass Makeup Collection by Nivea

chantal_thomass_nivea.jpgLingerie designer Chantal Thomass has partnered with Nivea to create a limited-edition makeup line that will be available for about a year. It is due out in July 2009 in 16 European countries. This is the first time that Nivea works with an external artistic director with fashion credentials to come up with a cosmetics range susceptible to generate extra buzz...

Chantal Thomass herself likes to lend her ideas to all different kinds of supports including artificial sugar: she did a pin-up themed line of decorated slim Canderel dispensers a couple of years of ago, which is still on sale.

The upcoming range bears the spicy lingerie touch of the designer with its blush seen through corset strings and an eye shadow kept in a box decorated with a peeping hole.

According to WWD,

"There will be eight lipsticks, six eye shadows and two blushes. Prices will range from 8.20 to 11.20 euros, or $10.86 to $14.84 at current exchange."

The Chantal Thomass range looks promising in terms of the boldness of the colors. We'll see.

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