Mona di Orio Chamarre (2009) & Upcoming Jabu (2009) {New Perfume - Fragrance News}

Mona di Orio has introduced a new perfume called Chamarré and will be launching another new fragrance this year in September 2009 called Jabu.

A Mona di Orio creation is always something one can look forward to as her perfumes seem to be able to preserve a raw original force to them. The word that comes to my mind first and foremost is "authenticity", before "harmony", "beautiful", and "balance" although they contain all of those qualities but as if subordinated to an instinct for something more elemental.

Chamarré, is a French word designating something richly adorned and rutilating, with this idea that the sumptuous surfaces capture a changing, variegated and shimmering light with probably a dominance of golden color and diamond sparkle...

Bigarré and moiré, two other words used in the press material in French further put the accent on this notion of a changing, motley-colored light. All of these words are beautiful words and concepts.

Chamarré is described as being "elegant, silky, rich and sophisticated"

"In this abundant and subtly encircling perfume, the warm breath of lavender
in combination with aldehydes paves the path to sensual treats such as
powdered Iris from Florence, seductive Rose absolue from Turkey and delicate
Violet, ending in a gentle embrace of Cashmeran, Opoponax and Ambre Gris."

Top notes are: lavender from Provence, clary sage, aldehydes.

Heart notes are: iris from Florence, Parma violet, Turkish rose absolute

Base notes are: opoponax, Cashmeran, ambregris.

The Chamarré Eau de Parfum is already available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles for 90 and 145 Euros respectively.

Jabu will launch in September 2009. It is a new composition linked to a charity project. More about that soon.

(Via press release)

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  1. I just picked up a sample of this; nice composition. If I would have sniffed this blindly, I would have definitely thought Mona Di Orio, though I find that it's not as dirty as Nuit Noire or Oiro. It has a lovely freshness, the lavender and sage are particularly nice.


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