Menard L'Eau de Taoyaka (2009) {New Fragrance}

Menard-Eau-Taoyaka.jpgInstitut Menard has launched a new perfume to celebrate their 50th anniversary called L'Eau de Taoyaka. It is their third fragrance following Ryokuei and Kasaneka. Adjectives used to describe the new scent are "graceful", "subtle", "feminine". It opens unconventionally on a note of ambrette seed...

L'Eau de Taoyaka is labeled as a fruity-floral. Past the ambrette seed in the opening, notes of jasmine, Atemoya flowers and cherry blossom unfold. Vanilla and musk in the base notes bring a powdery touch to the composition.

I have never smelled Atemoya blooms but the taste of Atemoya fruit or pomme cannelle in French is delicious. Ambrette seed can also be delightful.

A 50 ml Eau de Parfum is priced at 71 Euros. 


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