EU Court Allows Dior to Protect its Luxury Capital by Barring Resales in Discount Stores {Fragrance News}

Dior-Castellane-Muguet-Necklace.jpgIf you never bought the Dior lingerie on sale at Filene's Basement in Boston back when it was still open for business because it immediately looked suspect and less upscale, well you were wrong or maybe not so wrong, depending on what level you think Dior will always be Dior. Is it because the label is technically authentic or because it comes with an aura that seems to dim considerably once found on the racks of a popular discount store? The European Union's Highest Court made a decision last Thursday in favor of Dior who think that their "prestigious image" will be damaged by discounters and who do not want to see their licensees pass on their merchandises freely, especially as the recession puts pressure on those...

This is also the opportunity for the court to give a definition of what luxury quality consists of,

"Placing luxury goods such as Christian Dior products in discount stores can affect their quality, a European court ruled Thursday, backing the French fashion house in a copyright case.

"The quality of luxury goods is not only the result of their material characteristics but also of the allure and prestigious image which bestows on them an aura of luxury," the European Court of Justice said in a ruling."


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