DIY Shiny Salon Hair

La Tresse by Gerald Leslie Brockhurst, 1926

Someone was asking me what kind of tips one could use at home to get the kind of great glamorous hair that result from a hair-salon session. I promised that person to ask a hair expert to come share some insights on the blog. But then I remembered a really easy and effective tip that I actually tend to forget using for my own benefit. That's just for the shiny part of glamorous hair salon...

Well, it's simple as clear running water. All you need to do and remember to do actually is to rinse your hair with cold water at the end of your shower or bath. The explanation I have read in the past is that cold water tightens the scales on the hair strands therefore making the surface shiny. When I was young and unmarried - that was the time when I did not forget to beautify - I would do that regularly using really cold water and people would comment on how shiny my hair was, so I guess it worked!

Then, looking for an illustration for this post I happened on this beautiful old-fashioned etching by Gerald Leslie Brockhurst dated 1926. This reminded me of another shiny hair tip I got from my grand-mother: vinegar!

Earlier than in the 1920s actually, it was customary to wear very long hair. My grand-mother always prided herself in being able to sit on her hair as a young girl when they were loosened down. And one of the ways in which beautiful hair was made shinier then was to add a spoonful of vinegar to the rinsing water.

I think that apple vinegar would work great.

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