Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Body Lotion - Limited Edition Endorsed by Celebs

Kiehl's have launched a limited-edition collection of Argan and vegetal Squalene-based body lotions meant to mend all those unsightly crocodile cracks. Check out what we have already written about Argan and Squalene in the past.

The new product is called the Superbly Restorative Body Lotion and to make things even more exciting Kiehl's have asked Erykah Badu, Adrian Grenier, Kerry Slater, and the Parsons New School of Design to pitch in...

The collection is part of the Kiehl's Gives Back project: "100% of proceeds up to $100,000 will support waterkeeper alliance." Each bottle has a different label designed in collaboration with the different personalities involved.

Claims are:

  • Helps improve skin's resilience and texture
  • Helps enrich skin's moisture barrier
  • Leaves skin soft with a healthy-looking sheen
  • Formulated with a naturally-derived preservative system
A 16 oz. bottle is priced at $55 and can be purchased here.

Slather on!

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