Neotantric Fragrances: 6 Campy Ways to Practice Tantra (2009) {New Fragrances - New Line}

Neotantric Fragrances is a new Stockholm-based Swedish line of perfumes owned by Jesper Rönnbäck loosely inspired by the philosophy of Tantra and definitely by camp. The brand obviously does not take itself seriously enough to write philosophical treatises on the subject, so instead they created 6 perfumes....

The fragrances are called Manic Love for Ladies and Gentlemen, (I am) a Sex Goddess, Drops of Me, Citric Metal Kamasutra and Parampara Peepshow. The scents each come with a resolutely kitschy individual tag line such as for Manic Man: "A sweet battle of the great woods" and for Manic Woman: "Oh Freddie, you're such a little doll!". Whatever brings you the neo-tantric light apparently.

"Each fragrance comes with an untold story, hidden in the pictures and hinted in brief transcripts. The dreamy citric notes of Citric Metal Kamasutra and Drops of me connect through the images from the "Motel Noir" where Camelia enjoys a photo session with her boyfriend Burt. (I am) a Sex Goddess and Parampara Peepshow brings sweet and spicy
together in a modernist decadent scenery where women enjoy themselves just as much as men. Have a look through the peepholes into the world of neo-tantra and see for your self."

Perfumers and fragrance notes are:

Manic Love for Ladies: Céline Ripert: Green accord, bergamot, aniseed; ozonic, marine, rose, cashmere wood; peach, white musk, cedar wood, lily of the valley.

Manic Love for Gentlemen: Serge Majoullier: Cedar Leaf, Bergamot,
Cardamom, Lemon, Lavender; Caramel, Cedarwood, Carrot, Cypress, Freesia; Vetyver, Moss,  Vanilla, Musk, Violet, Patchouli.

(I am) a Sex Goddess: Christian Vermorel: peach, blackcurrant, pink pepper, lemon; tuberose, jasmine, raspberry, rose; white musk, patchouli, vanilla, sandamwood.

Drops of Me: Gilbert Apollon:
lemon, bergamot, green accord, marine accord; Violet, Blackcurrant,  Orange Blossom, Peach,  Mimosa, Jasmine, Rose; woody accord, ylang ylang, vanilla, moss.

Citric Metal Kamasutra: Karine Dubreuil:
bergamot, lemon, violet leaves; tobacco leaves, geranium; cedarwood, amber, musk; sandawood.

Parampara Peepshow: Christian Vermorel: Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarine/Tangerine,  
Orange, Apple, Anis, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus; Lavandin, Caraway,
Cistus, Rosemary, Litsea Cubeba; Cedarwood, Rich Dry Amber, Rich Musks, Leather, Guaiac Wood, Vanilla.

All the perfumes are priced at 65 € for 100 ml, except for Manic Love for Ladies priced at 75 €. They are available at Galeries Lafayette and Aépure in Paris and La Commercial in Barcelona, amongst other places.

More details available on the brand's site.

(Via press release) 

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