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Noses and Ears Etc: Two Profile, One Nose & Turban by John Baldessari

As previously announced, a modern form of olfactory spectacle is being developed with the upcoming Scent Opera Green Aria.

There have already been various types of smell-o-visions, numerous scent installations, olfactory concerts, theatrical performances, so what is the added twist here? (see for example in France the works of Laurent Assoulen, Michel Roudnitska, Francis Kurkdjian and more*...)...

Is it a new, demanding form of art or rather more like a commercial form of entertainment? Will technology have significantly improved this time? Can the organizers bypass individual scent-recall and unify our perception of smell?...

"ScentOpera's all-natural smells are "scents that have never been smelled before." Matthew and Laudamiel use these new scents to avoid scent-recall, providing as unified as possible an experience to the audience. With the new scents set against a new, sound-filled context, Matthew means to create situations where audience members synchronously learn new meanings for each of Laudamiel's concocted scents. A prelude will "acclimate people to this new language of expression," so that a "meaningful transmission takes place." [...]

If this new technology is indeed perfected, it will unleash all kinds of new possibilities for achieving virtuality.While not explicit about their intentions, it is clear that Matthew and Laudamiel mean to adapt this technology for commercial entertainment, not just for the art world, which could make a skeptic wonder if the ScentOpera is not an elaborate PR stunt designed to entice investors."

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* We will regroup the posts on these types of ventures under Perfume & Art as you have to realize that there are more and more announcements for them.

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