Ambranextra by Moellhausen {Fragrance News - New Molecule}


Well, it's hard to resist the selling line for new kid in town perfume molecule Ambranextra although the pitch mainly targets perfumers and fragrance developers. But see what is the promise held by this new aromachemical which smells unique (and if you thought only a perfume reviewer could take off on flights of fancy, think again. It all starts in the labs)...

"Ambranextra is a groundbreaking ingredient that will rise the woody-amber note to a rank never reached before. The balance of top, middle, and base notes is going to be upload [sic] by this new powerful and extremely cost-competitive ingredient. When included in compounds, even small quantity (recommended level: 0.5-5%) of Ambranextra gives a never experienced and stable woody-amber olfactory profile."

Wow! A whole new sensation is in store for fragrance aficionados apparently. Ambranextra was created by company Moellhausen

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  1. Thanks for sharing what I would not have otherwise seen! (And my pleasure at hearing about this means that, yup, I've passed into perfume geekdom...) ;)


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