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Kiehl's have released a revamped and more extensive collection of their Essence Oils which total up to 122 different scents. They have selected 10 essences for the 2009 lineup.

A neat detail is that each essence is now dated with its year of introduction, an excellent way to know how a particular decade smelled!...

The most ancient and best-known is Musk 1921 which we already included in our Musk Hall of Fame. New names one can spot are Chinese Flowers 1979 and Gardenia 1975.

They do have a number of oils from the 1970s. Also are included Grapefruit 1976, Pear 1977, Amber 1978...but no patchouli!

Beauty tip: grapefruit has been shown in experimental studies to make women look 6 years younger on average, so if you're hesitating and want to try the magic effect, go for this one!

There are also Coriander 1946, Vanilla 1968, Pour Homme 1987, and Cucumber 1988.

Love the simple, no-fuss packaging in brown glass, a great way to keep the perfumes shielded from sunlight and conveniently tucked in your purse or pocket.

A 0.23 oz roller-ball applicator is priced at $25. The oils are concentrated so a little should go a long way. Available online here.

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